Top Door Lock Brands for Secure Homes in the USA

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Discover the most trusted door lock brands in the USA for maximum security. From Baldwin’s high-quality and aesthetically pleasing locks to Yale’s 150 years of trustworthiness, find the perfect lock to keep your home safe.

1. Baldwin

Baldwin is known for its high-quality and aesthetically pleasing door locks. They offer a range of styles and finishes to match any decor.

Baldwin’s locks are also incredibly durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions. They are a bit more expensive than other brands, but their exceptional quality makes them worth the investment.

2. Yale

house keys in yale lock in wooden door of house

Yale has been in the lock business for over 150 years, making it one of the most trusted brands in the industry. They offer a wide range of locks, including traditional deadbolts and smart locks.

Yale’s locks are known for their durability and strength, providing excellent security for your home.

3. Corbin Russwin

Corbin Russwin CL3357 NZD 626 CL6 Extra Heavy-Duty Storeroom or Closet Function Cylindrical Lockset, Grade 1

Corbin Russwin is another well-known brand that has been around for over 160 years. They specialize in commercial-grade locks but also offer high-quality residential locks.

Corbin Russwin’s locks are incredibly secure and provide excellent protection against forced entry.

4. Mul-T-Lock

Mul-T-Lock is a relatively new brand compared to others on this list, but they have quickly made a name for themselves with their innovative lock technology.

Mul-T-Lock’s locks are virtually pick-proof, making them incredibly secure. They also offer smart locks that can be controlled via a mobile app.

5. RR Brink

BRINKS - 30mm Solid Brass 4-Dial Resettable Padlock - Chrome Plated With Hardened Steel Shackle

RR Brink is a unique brand that specializes in high-security locks. Their locks are so secure that they are even used in prisons across the USA.

RR Brink’s locks are designed to withstand extreme force and manipulation, making them an excellent choice for those who want the utmost protection for their home.

6. Medeco

Medeco is a well-known brand that has been around for over 50 years. Their locks are known for their superior quality and strength.

Medeco’s locks are hard to pick and have smart features controlled by a mobile app. While no lock is entirely unpickable, Medeco’s locks are about as close as you can get.

7. Evva

Evva, though lesser known, gained popularity for its innovative locks.

Their locks are designed to be incredibly difficult to pick, and they offer an additional layer of security with their patented key design.

Evva’s keys are also customizable, allowing you to create a unique key that only you have access to.

8. ASSA-Abloy

inputing passwords on an electronic door lock

ASSA-Abloy is a parent company that owns and manufactures several well-known lock brands, including Medeco, Corbin Russwin, Yale, and Mul-T-Lock. Each of these brands is known for its exceptional quality and security features.

ASSA-Abloy offers a wide range of locks, from traditional deadbolts to smart locks, making them a versatile choice for any homeowner.

Comparison of each brand’s features and benefits

When selecting a door lock, it is essential to consider the features and benefits of each brand. Below is a comparison of the top 10 most trusted door lock brands in the USA:

  • Baldwin – high-quality, aesthetically pleasing, durable
  • Yale – over 150 years of experience, wide range of locks, durable and strong
  • Corbin Russwin – over 160 years of experience, commercial-grade locks, excellent protection against forced entry
  • Mul-T-Lock – innovative lock technology, virtually pick-proof, offers smart locks
  • RR Brink – specializes in high-security locks, used in prisons, designed to withstand extreme force and manipulation
  • Medeco – superior quality and strength, incredibly difficult to pick, offers smart locks
  • Evva – innovative lock technology, incredibly difficult to pick, patented key design
  • ASSA-Abloy – parent company that owns and manufactures several trusted lock brands, versatile range of locks

Types of Door Locks to Consider

When choosing a door lock, it is also essential to consider the type of lock. Below are three common types of locks:

Knob locks

Doorknobs and doorknobs and copy spaces

Knob locks are one of the most commonly used types of locks for residential properties. They are easy to install and operate, but they are not as secure as other types of locks.

Knob locks can be easily picked or bumped, making them vulnerable to break-ins.


Hand locking or unlocking deadbolt door lock

Deadbolts are a more secure option than knob locks. They are typically installed on exterior doors and provide excellent protection against forced entry.

Deadbolts come in three different grades (1-3), with Grade 1 being the most secure.

Smart locks

Male hand holding a handle of key free smart lock. Keyless access to home or hotel.

Smart locks are a newer technology that allows you to control your lock via a mobile app. Smart locks offer a range of features, including remote access, keyless entry, and activity logs.

While smart locks are convenient, they are also more expensive than traditional locks.

Comparison of each type’s features and benefits

Below is a comparison of the features and benefits of each type of lock:

  • Knob locks – easy to install and operate, but not as secure
  • Deadbolts – more secure than knob locks, come in different grades, provide excellent protection against forced entry
  • Smart locks – convenient, offer remote access and keyless entry, more expensive than traditional locks

What To Look for in a Door Lock Brand

Security Features

Man hand opening black door with key close up

When shopping for a door lock brand, it is crucial to consider the security features offered by each brand.

Look for locks with anti-picking, anti-bumping, and anti-drilling features to ensure maximum protection against break-ins.

Durability and Build Quality

A good door lock should be built to last. Consider the materials used in the construction of the lock, such as solid brass or steel, as well as the overall build quality.

A trusted brand usually provides durable, reliable locks.

Ease of Installation and Use

Locksmith install the door new dummy lock in house.

Choose a door lock brand that offers easy installation and user-friendly operation. This can save you time and effort during the installation process and make daily use more convenient.

Warranty and Customer Support

A reputable door lock brand should stand behind its products by offering a warranty and responsive customer support.

Look for brands that provide a generous warranty period and have a reputation for excellent customer service.

Price and Value

Finally, consider the price of the door lock and whether it offers good value for your money.

Choosing the cheapest option might be tempting, but investing in a high-quality lock from a trusted brand ensures long-term security and peace of mind.

FAQs about Door Lock Brands

Which door lock brand is best?

The best door lock brand can vary depending on specific needs and preferences, but Schlage, Yale, and Kwikset are often highly rated for their quality and reliability.

What is the best brand of deadbolt locks?

The best brand of deadbolt locks can be subjective, but Schlage and Kwikset are frequently recommended for their durability and security features.

Which is better Kwikset or Schlage?

Determining whether Kwikset or Schlage is better depends on individual requirements. Schlage is often praised for its high-security ratings, while Kwikset is known for its smart lock technology and ease of installation.

Which luxury brand is best for lock?

The best luxury brand for locks could be Baldwin or Banham, as they offer high-end, aesthetically pleasing products with advanced security features.

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