5 Essential Ham Radios for Survival and Emergency Communication

Ham radios are vital for emergencies; Midland ER310 is best overall, Esky Hand Crank is budget-friendly, RunningSnail is portable, Eton FRX3+ is versatile, Kaito KA500 is top for shortwave.

Radio designed for use after a weather emergency with broken glass, bricks and wood

Not all radios are the same for emergencies. Ham radios are reliable and versatile, working on different frequency bands for communication nearby or worldwide. Preppers rely on these invaluable tools.

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Midland ER310 Emergency Radio: Best Overall

Midland - ER310, Emergency Crank Weather AM/FM Radio - Multiple Power Sources, SOS Emergency Flashlight, Ultrasonic Dog Whistle, & NOAA Weather Scan + Alert (Red/Black)

The Midland ER310 is a top-rated emergency radio. It has many features and performs exceptionally well. You can use different power sources, like a battery, solar panel, or hand crank.

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This means you’ll always have power when you need it. It also features AM/FM and Weather Band channels, providing real-time news, weather updates, and emergency alerts. Plus, its durable design and built-in flashlight make it a practical choice for outdoor use and survival situations.

The Midland ER310 is an all-around performer, making it the best overall choice for preppers.

Esky Hand Crank Emergency Radio: Best Budget

Emergency Hand Crank Radio with 3 LED Flashlight, Esky AM/FM/NOAA Portable Weather Radio with 2000mAh Power Bank Phone Charger, Solar Powered USB Charged Radio for Indoor Outdoor Camping, SOS Alarm

The Esky Hand Crank Emergency Radio is affordable and still has all the important features. Even though it’s affordable, this radio has AM/FM and NOAA weather channels for emergency updates.

The device has many power sources, like a hand crank and solar panel. It keeps working without electricity. The Esky Hand Crank Emergency Radio is a budget pick for survival and emergency communication. It has a compact design and a built-in flashlight, which are added bonuses.

RunningSnail Emergency Crank Radio: Best Portable

If portability is your priority, look no further than the RunningSnail Emergency Crank Radio. This device is small enough to fit in your pocket, yet packed with features that make it an excellent tool for survival situations.

It operates on AM/FM and NOAA weather channels, delivering vital information during emergencies. You can keep it powered up with the hand crank or solar charging options. It also has a built-in flashlight and SOS alarm, which can be lifesaving in emergencies.

The RunningSnail Emergency Crank Radio is small and has many useful features. It is the top pick for preppers who want a portable option.

Eton FRX3+ Emergency Radio: Most Versatile

The Eton FRX3+ Emergency Radio earns its spot on our list for its versatility. In emergency situations, this device is a compact tool that combines a radio, flashlight, and smartphone charger. It operates on AM/FM and NOAA weather bands, providing crucial updates and alerts.

It also offers multiple power options, including a rechargeable battery, hand crank, solar panel, and AAA batteries. The Eton FRX3+ Emergency Radio is the best option for survival and emergency communication. It has many features and can use different power sources.

Kaito KA500 Emergency Radio: Best Shortwave

When it comes to shortwave capabilities, the Kaito KA500 Emergency Radio stands out from the crowd. This device works on AM/FM and NOAA weather channels. It also covers shortwave frequencies, so you can listen to international broadcasts. In emergencies, this device has different power sources.

It can be powered by a hand crank, solar panel, or rechargeable batteries. The Kaito KA500 is the top shortwave choice for preppers who want global communication coverage.

FAQs about Survival Ham Radios

Electric storm behind a red weather radio that has a flashlight and clock built in.

Now that we’ve discussed the best radios for survival and emergencies, let’s answer some common questions about them.

What type of radio is best for preppers?

Preppers should use a radio that communicates well and works on different frequencies. Ham radios fit this bill perfectly.

In emergencies, these devices are helpful because they can communicate far and access many channels. In addition, they can connect with other ham radio operators, who provide valuable information and assistance in survival situations.

What radio is best for apocalypse?

In a post-apocalyptic scenario, communication will be critical. A ham radio, specifically one with multiple power options and the ability to access various frequencies, would be the best option. This tool allows people to communicate and gather information from different sources, even far away. The Midland ER310 Emergency Radio, mentioned before, is a strong contender. It has many features and performs reliably.

What is the strongest handheld ham radio?

The strength of a handheld ham radio can depend on several factors, including its power output, antenna type, and the frequency it operates on. Preppers often choose the Yaesu FT-60R and the Baofeng UV-5R for their strong performance. These radios are known for their solid construction, high power output, and the ability to transmit on a wide range of frequencies. These devices also have long battery life and emergency alert capabilities. They’re great for survival situations.

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