Preparing Your Home Floods

7+ Tips to Prevent Frozen Pipes in the Attic

Winter is here, and you may wonder, “Can pipes freeze in the attic?” Because pipes in the attic are often exposed to cold air, they are more likely to freeze.  Frozen pipes can cause severe damage to your home, but there are ways to prevent them. Remember to take action before the cold weather hits […]

Disaster Clean Up Floods

5+ Essential Steps to Dry Your Car Carpet After a Flood

Oh no! You left the car windows open or the convertible hood down, and now, your car flooded after a rainstorm. Do not fret! While the process will take a few days, there is an easy step-by-step way to dry your car carpet after experiencing a flood. Here is how to dry carpet after a […]

Know Your Risk Floods

Why Is Water Safety Important? Here Are 4+ Reasons Why.

Children plus water sometimes equals stress and anxiety. And we can’t leave out the adults who don’t quite understand the importance of water safety. Let’s dive deeply into why is water safety important to you and your family and how you can prevent drowning accidents.