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What Is an Escape Hood? What Is It Used For?

EEBDs (emergency escape breathing devices) are common in specific work environments. Escape hoods and escape respirators protect employees from occupational diseases. But having one at home is handy, too.  We’ve come to a place where we must expect the unexpected. Adding escape hoods to a family emergency plan or fire drill isn’t an overreaction; it’s just preparation.

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Why Does The Fire Department Respond To Medical Emergencies?

Fire trucks are part of the cacophony of sirens that respond to an emergency. And if you’ve been part of one, maybe you’ve wondered why the fire department even responds when there are no flames involved. We’ll look at why does the fire department respond to medical emergencies and what they do while on the scene.

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Why Are Fire Drills Important? Here Are 5+ Reasons Why.

In the US, fire departments respond to around 350,000 house fires annually. And the estimated rate is an average of one every 23 seconds.