Why Are Tsunamis So Dangerous? Here Are 5+ Reasons Why.

Just because you don’t feel an earthquake doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Thankfully, most at-risk coastal regions have tsunami sirens, and the internet keeps the world connected with push notifications. But that doesn’t mean it’s a 100% surety that you will get a fair warning.

Tsunamis Know Your Risk

Why Are Rip Currents Dangerous? Here Are 6+ Reasons Why.

It’s hot, and the beach is a trusted oasis. But beach safety is necessary to avoid getting yanked out into the water by a rip current.   The National Weather Service Offices in Tallahassee, Florida, and Mobile, Alabama, have reported 191 fatalities related to rip currents in their region. We will explain why are rip currents dangerous, so you can enjoy […]