AlwaysReadyHQ is about thoughtful preparation & readiness for helpers.

Here’s what we’re trying to solve.


Learning about and preparing for emergencies, accidents, natural disasters, and other Acts of God has been taken over by the “prepping” industry. It’s everywhere – you’ve seen it. There are YouTube channels, websites, TikToks, magazines, etc all pushing the lifestyle of prepping.

The Problem

The prepping & survival industry grows and profits off fear. And fear is always a problem. Fear makes everything worse. It makes people lose sight of the bigger picture of being ready. It pushes people into a scarcity mindset. It creates urgency.

Now – all of that is great for sales. It’s great for pushing people to buy, buy, buy…but it does nothing to help people actually navigate emergencies, accidents, and natural disasters.

Because here’s the thing.

We are now living in the safest time in human history. Sure, there are massive problems and massive risks. The past two years has seen a major war and major pandemic. But natural disasters & emergencies never play out quite like you’d think – just think about your experience with the worst pandemic since 1918. We can absolutely say that nobody predicted how it would all play out.

The Solution

The solution is to avoid fear and lean into competence and understanding. The solution is to think about how to be ready to help your community, not wall yourself off from trouble.

We’re all for having good gear and good equipment. But even more so, we’re all for having skills and understanding where we all fit in the system that keeps all of us safe.

We appreciate the prepping industry – there are a lot of brilliant people solving hard, scary problems. And technically, AlwaysReadyHQ is part of that industry.

But hopefully, you’ll come away from the website feeling like you’ve confidently checked off a box so you can stop worrying and start living.

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